Level 2 - Blending wheel

Level 2 Blending wheels


BLENDING WHEELS is an engaging word building activity which helps young children to become confident using complex sound/symbol mapping.

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BLENDING WHEELS is an engaging word building activity which helps young children to become confident using complex sound/symbol mapping.

All vowel sound/symbols are colour coded and make various spelling choices obvious.

All sound/symbol learning follows the order of the Time2Read online interactive games found on



Copy and laminate the blending wheels – (suggested size: A4/A3).


Grade 1 and 2


You will receive an INSTANT DIGITAL download of a PDF document containing the following
Sound/symbol focus No of wheels Words

Level 2.1

sh, ch, th, ng


Wheel 1: sh – shot, shut, ship, fish, brush, mash, flush, flash, wish, shop, fat, dish, fan.

Wheel 2: ch – lunch, chat, chop, rich, chest, chap, mash, crunch, chin, punch, Chad, much, chip.

Wheel 3: th – chat, that, ship, them, chop, sloth, Chat, shot, thug, shop, then, this, trash.

Wheel 4: ng – sing, this, wing, sloth, swing, song, sling, wing, wish, king, sting, long, then.

Level 2.2

oo, ai (said)


Wheel 1: oo – tool, tooth, moon, spoon, food, room, pool, broom, root, boot, roof, mood, soon.

Wheel 2: ai – said, stair, boot, food, hair, foot, air, pool, chair, book, hook, look, pair.

Level 2.3

ou, ow


Wheel 1: ou, ow – clown, mouse, down, crowd, sound, brown, round, crown, cloud, house, clown, mouth, hound.

Level 2.4

ai, a-e, ay


Wheel 1: ai – rain, laid, snail, paid, pain, jail, Craig, train, sail, tail, pail, mail.

Wheel 2: ay – pray, lay, play, ray,, day, tray, clay, pay, way, May, say, hay.

Wheel 3: a-e – cape, shake, shave, cake, shape, mane, plane, shade, cane, made, date, wave, wake.

Wheel 4: ai, ai – pain, stair, rain, tail, hair, chain, air, chair, mail, pail, nail, jail, pair.

Level 2.5

ar, or


Wheel 1: ar – park, sharp, jar, shark, far, arm, harp, barn, bark, cart, bar, car, star.

Wheel 2: or – short, storm, fork, torn, torch, thorn, cord, cork, pork, born, corn, horn.

Level 2.6

ea, ee, e


Wheel 1: ea – teach, tea, bead, meat, heat, read, beak, peach, bean, sea, beach, eat, leaf.

Wheel 2: ee – tree, see, sweep, teeth, jeep, greet, sweet, feed, seed, three, green, peek, weep.

Level 2.7

ll, le, y (happy)


Wheel 1: ll – yell, till, shell, tell, pill, hill, well, grill, fill, bell, fell, bill, drill.

Level 2.8



Wheel 1: nk – tank, flush, bank, stink, sing, sink, sloth, drink, flash, link, king, pink, rich.

Level 2.9

i-e, igh, y


Wheel 1: i-e – bike, kite, nine, wipe, hive, ride, wine, file, bite, fire, dive, five, hide.

Wheel 2: y, ay – ray, spy, play, my, pray, fry, tray, pay, cry, clay, dry, say, fly.

Level 2.10

o-e, oa, ow


Wheel 1: oa, ai – mail, toast, road, soap, boat, rain, roast, sail, loaf, tail, goat, coat.

Wheel 2: ow, ay, y – spy, throw, ray, slow, grow, day, blow, fry, bow, pay, flow, fly, snow.

Wheel 3: o-e – stove, note, nose, broke, hose, cone, globe, stone, home, bone, rose, robe, rope.

Level 2.11

ue, u-e, ew


Wheel 1: u-e, a-e – tune, cube, mule, made, Jane, mane, tube, cute, fume, dune, cane, June, flute.

Wheel 2: ew, ue – crew, true, drew, glue, blew, stew, clue, blue, grew, Sue, flew, pew, new.

Level 2.12

oy, oi


Wheel 1: oi, ai, oa, ea – noise, boat, point, coat, goat, joint, jail, soil, read, boil, bean coin, pail.

Wheel 2: oy, ay, y – fly, lay, Roy, spy, ray, fry, tray, way, cry, toy, pay, say, boy.

Level 2.13

er, ir, ur, (w)or


Wheel 1: ur, ir, er – turn, hurt, thirst, chirp, shirt, curl, third, purse, first, bird, girl, nurse, burn.

Level 2.14

aw, au, a


Wheel 1: au, aw, al, or – ball, walk, fork, tall, torn, hawk, thorn, fall, wall, crawl, born, chalk, talk.

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