Level 1 - Dominoes

Level 1 Dominoes


DOMINOES is a reading game which helps children become fluent using alphabet sound/symbols.


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Product Description


All sound/symbol learning follows the order of the Time2Read online interactive games

All colour coding of vowels is done according to the Time2Read sound table


Copy and laminate the cards – (suggested size: A4/A3).

Grade level: Kindergarten, Grade 1

Total pages: 9

You will receive an INSTANT DIGITAL download containing the following
Sound/symbol focus No of

domino tiles

Words & pictures on domino tiles
Level 1.1 & 1.2 c a t m o p 24 mop, map, top, cap, pen, pet, net, nap, tap, man, pot, mom, on, men, pan, pop, cat, pop, cat, cop, pot, cot, mat, Sam, Tom, ten, can.
+ e   n
Level 1.3 & 1.4 + i  s 24 sit, sip, in, did, bed, ram, rat, cob, sap, pit, pin, ten, mad, bat, den, dip, Tim, rod, rip, red, ran, bin, pod, sob.
+ b  d  r
Level 1.5 & 1.6 + f  u 24 fun, fed, up, sun, bug, bag, rug, mug, cub, sub, tub, fig, ham, dog, big, dig, fat, fan, bun, pup, tag, hop, bug, bug.
+ g  h
Level 1.7 & 1.8 + j  l 24 jog, jet, nun, mud, vet, web, wet, wed, cut, jam, log, leg, beg, dig, Bev, win, lid, lip, lab, lad, jug, wig, wag, van.
+ w  v
Level 1.9  & 1.10 + k   x 12 quit, kit, ax, box, fox, zip, mix, six, Rex, wax, quick, quack.
+ y  z

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